I had a customer call to clean up around a house they had sold. There was trash, and junk around, and in, the house and barn that they wanted removed. The customer also wanted the yard to be shredded to knock it back to where a mower would be able to be run over it again. My crew of 3 spent about 8 hours loading the trash into our dump trailer, with the help of a tractor and a lot of elbow grease. We walked the property and removed all of the trash and junk from the tall weeds, removed the old oil that was in barrels, disposed of the old tires that were laying about the property, and removed and disposed of the old appliances that were in the barn and the house.

On the second day, I spent a half day shredding the front and back yards of the property, and cleaned up the last of trash that was left from the first day.

Below are the before and after pictures of the Job. I was glad I could help this customer out and get this property back to its previous glory.

Before images

After Images and Videos

Video of the front of the house
Video of the barn and side yard
Front of House and Side Yard
Back Yard